Rigth now coordinator of breeding program “Italian Queens” by AIAAR and bee technicians for AAAMS. I believe in group-working, thus I am more oriented to provide technical assistance to association; nevertheless, I directly help beekeeping companies in training beekeepers, hive health and hygienic traits assessment, breeding programs and implementation of IPM (Integrated Pest Management) strategies against Varroa mite.
Being myself member and teacher for the National Register of Honey Sensory Experts, I provide technical assistance for the organization of Honey Sensory Classes and Honey Contests. In the past years, I’ve been Technical Manager for the National Honey Contest “L’ape d’Oro” (Lazise, VR) and Regional Honey Contests such as “FerrereMiele” (Ferrere, AT) and “L’ape della Serenissima” (Lazise, VR).