Date back 2006 when I was firstly asked for a consultancy in beekeeping: I’ve travelled three weeks through Argentina to meet producers, beekeeping cooperatives and associations on behalf of an Italian company, interested in being actively beekeeping for 12-months-a-year!
In 2017 I was inspecting hives and taking samples for Manuka Health New Zealand, to assess the honey bee health status before wintering.

In 2019 I will travel to US for Honey Bee Queen Breeding.

My networking skills and the knowledge of beekeeping sector seen from different perspectives, allow me to offer qualify consultancy through the whole beekeeping pipeline. Business plan and strategy, technical consultancy on practical beekeeping, assessing honey quality through sensory evaluation for producers and buyers, labelling and marketing of beehive products.

Don’t be shy to ask: if your concerns are interesting to me, we will find a deal!