The goal of the courses is to increase awareness and expertise in honey and to provide participants with a methodology that enables them to assess the quality and the variety of honey. For beekeepers and packagers, it is useful for correct labelling according to EU regulations, better product presentation and for honey lovers in general, for better selection and appreciation of honey. The courses are intended preferably for beekeepers and technicians, but also for other professionals who are in contact with honey (such as herbalists, nutritionists, dieticians, chefs or “foodies”), and all those who are eager to expand their knowledge of honey and learn how to use sensory analysis as a tool for quality assessment.

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What you will learn

  • to become more aware of your senses learning how to identify 7 basic aromas and flavour families in honey.
  • to write detailed tasting notes using the honey aroma and flavour wheel, brush up on the composition and physical properties of honey.
  • to enrich your vocabulary for describing honey through descriptors.
  • to recognize the flavours of honey and train your honey palette.
  • to taste and learn 18 important honeys and their floral sources.
  • to understand the how’s and why’s of crystallization, and how to evaluate its qualities.
  • about the causes of defects in honey and how to avoid them.
  • how to use a chart for honey assessment.
  • how to handle, treat and store honey for a better presentation.
  • the rules for honey labeling and marketing.
  • how to use your knowledge to confidently pair honey with cheeses, wines and all ingredients to compliment sweet and savory dishes.

What you will get

  • A tasting of at least 18 varieties of honey (12 in the on-line course) selected from beekeepers and honey competitions all over Italy
  • *A tasting of some honey varieties from other countries
  • Notes on the flavors of honey
  • Teaching material: pen, exercise book, *booklet with printed slides
  • PDFs of the slides presented in the class
  • A certificate of participation

*Only live courses

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