Berlin, October 18, 2018: 21 founders officially constituted IHBBN.

This new association will be based in Belgium and aims to become a tool for worldwide honey bee queen producers & breeders, a place where to meet, exchange ideas and experiences.

Conservation and sustainable Breeding are the main goals: my personal expectation is that this tool will be as soon as possible given to beekeepers!

As “scientists” that contributed to the constitution, we are pleased to stay as close as the beekeepers will need.

In Berlin, among founders, the first Executive Board was elected:
Cecilia Costa (President), Dylan Elen (Secretary), Maja Drazic (Treasurer), Raffaele Dall’Olio, Bjorn Dahle and Egoitz Galarta will contribute to

  • finalize the registration in Belgium
  • do necessary steps to allow IHBBN to operate actively
  • draft IHBBN’s ByLaws, to submit to possible members before next meeting
  • disseminate IHBBN exhistance
  • organize next IHBBE General Assembly (Germany, nov 2019 ?)

Finally the Scientific Committee has been elected: Aleksandar Uzunov, Fani Hatjina, Andreas Hoppe, Peter Kozmus, Ralph Buechler and Per Kryger.

International Honey Bee Breeding Network – IHBBN – founded!