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Sharing knowledge and information is fundamental for collective growth! That’s how I perceive education, and that’s the spirit I put into that. I try to use several channels, to allow different auditors to grab a piece of that: I give talks for beekeeping associations, I write for beekeeping journals and websites, I lead groups through bee-tourism itineraries and I deliver news through “social media”.
I try to have a 360° perspective on the beekeeping business, taking care of honey bee biology, queen breeding, diseases and viruses, beekeeping technique, law constraints and quality criteria of bee hive products.
Being myself “foodie”, I put extra effort in training classes on Honey Sensory and Cooking with Honey. The knowledge of top quality honeys can’t be achieved without good beekeeping practices and allow a better marketing! To share honey-related events all around the world, post on my LinkedIn group!